How can a Hypnobirthing antenatal class benefit me?

Hypnobirthing is a complete antenatal class providing the benefit of antenatal knowledge coupled with practical relaxation techniques which allow you to let go of any fear and tension and experience a more gentle, relaxed and comfortable birth.


The Katharine Graves Hypnobirthing (KGH) technique is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives as an antenatal class and has been adapted over the last 10 years for mums in the UK. It is very flexible and easily adapted to a couple or individual's needs unlike some longer established courses.


Hypnobirthing will benefit you by showing you:

  • How to prepare yourself mentally for the birth using effective and proven Hypnobirthing techniques.
  • How to let go of your fears and concerns and replace them with confidence and calm.
  • Effective breathing techniques to use during labour and birth which help to make the experience more comfortable and gentle.
  • How to trust in yourself, your body and your baby, allowing you to fully relax through pregnancy and during birth for a calm birth and baby.
  • How to use tools/prompts during labour to help enhance your relaxation. These can be administered by your husband/partner reinforcing the important role they have at the birth.
  • How birth works, its physiology and what you could expect.



"I'm not sure I even want a natural birth, I'm also pretty sure I will want an epidural, is hypnobirthing still for me?"


Yes, absolutely. Whatever birth you hope to achieve, hypnobirthing can help prepare and support you through it.

What can you expect to receive from the course?

A group course is taught over 10 hours in total (4 x 2.5hr classes). Private classes allow you to choose when classes run to suit yourselves. Have a look at our group classes page to find out when the next classes are running.


To support you on your birthing journey, you will receive the following:


  • 1 x 'Colour and Calmness' Katharine Graves Hypnobirthing (KGH) MP3

  • 1 x 'Peaceful and Positive' KGH MP3
    = a total of 8 relaxation scripts as well as 'breathing for birth' explanation

  • 1 x 'The Hypnobirthing Book' by Katharine Graves

  • 1 x file with all the Hypnobirthing notes and handouts

  • Telephone and email support until you have your baby

  • Membership of our online Facebook group called 'WondrousBirth Hypnobirthing Community Support' for all past and present attendees of our courses. This community has a wealth of experience where you can grow with like-minded parents, both in the run up to the birth and postnatally. 

Tea, coffee and biscuits are served all day at the group classes.

You will receive your Colour and Calmness Hypnobirthing MP3's via email upon receipt of your course deposit so that you can get started listening to it in the evenings before you go to sleep.

What will the course cover?

WondrousBirth Hypnobirthing Course Outline

Session 1 summary:

- We explore what you want to achieve and get out of the course
- We cover what hypnotherapy is, how it works and hypnobirthing

- We explore birth basics, hormone functions and our nervous systems tying in how hypnobirthing supports this physiological process

- We watch two videos one at hospital and a home birth 

- We explore how our minds work including a relaxation

- Ending on another more lengthy relaxation to send you home relaxed and positive


Session 2 summary:

- Start looking at how we can use our breath and touch during labour to relax us and get our partners involved 

- The really fun bit...Relaxations – Demonstration and practice with partners

- We practice breathing for birth

- We talk about baby's position in the womb, different types of birth and physically preparing for birth

- Gain a better understanding on how babies birth and the importance of the uterus

- We finish with a relaxation to close the session


Session 3 summary:

This session provides a good foundation of knowledge for you and your partner to be able to ask good questions at the birth and make informed choices. We cover subjects like:


- due dates, sweeps, induction, how to avoid unnecessary intervention

- Various role play scenarios that you may find yourself in when you are term (40wk)+, so that you may better understand your choices pre labour and during labour

- We practice a very powerful relaxation that helps resolve anxiety in the run-up to the birth for both you and your partner. 

- We explore the difference between hospital policy and guidelines and your rights

- Ending once again with a relaxation to close the session


Session 4 summary:

A more practical session where we invite you to bring your creative streak and pull all the hypnobirthing and labour elements together to create your own labour pathway.

This will include things such as:

​- The Father's role in labour - this is an invaluable part of the course for the dad's who come away feeling reassured and 'ready'. 

- Positions to consider and tips for early labour and birth

- Third stage - What happens after the birth and bonding

- Final look at what you need to know

- A relaxation in preparation for your Hypnobirthing journey

Can I just read a book or listen to some CD's?

Books serve as an important backup resource to our course. However, there is no substitute for teaching in terms of building confidence, getting partners fully engaged, and making you actually use the techniques you need to have a calm birth.


Humans learn best through experience and practice, which reading rarely translates into. Finally, I believe that some things in life are too important to leave to chance or to try and take shortcuts with, and this is one of those things.

Support after the course

Self-hypnosis and deep relaxation are very effective birthing techniques and the acquired skills need to be practiced and honed. All you need to continue practicing at home is provided in your folders and you will receive email and phone support until the birth should you require it.


We also have a group on Facebook called 'Wondrousbirth Hypnobirthing Community Support" full of past and current attendees on our course who will help share wisdom and experiences that will enrich and support your experience. It is also a handy postnatal support area for the many questions that come after birth.


This ensures that you have all the support needed develop the conditioned responses that make WondrousBirth Hypnobirthing so successful.

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