KG Hypnobirthing is the original and foremost UK Hypnobirthing programme, accredited by the Royal College of Midwives. Taught Wendy Evans, an experienced Hypnobirthing Practitioner with over 7 years experience as well as a Birth and Postnatal Doula.

All Classes run on an evening in Cowplain from 7.30pm-10.00pm

and are limited to 3 couples ensuring an intimate and optimal learning environment.

September Group Class

Hypnobirthing Classes:

Wednesday - 4th September 2019
Tuesday - 10th September 2019
Thursday - 17th September 2019
Tuesday - 24th September 2019
COST of Hypnobirthing Course: £189 per couple

Postnatal Classes:
Thursday - 8th October 2019
Tuesday - 15th October 2019

COST of Postnatal Course: £70 per couple
COST of Postnatal Course and Hypnobirthing: £249 per couple

November/December 2019 Group Class

Hypnobirthing Classes:

**2 spaces left**
Tuesday - 19th November 2019
Tuesday - 26th November 2019
Thursday - 5th December 2019
Tuesday - 10th December 2019
COST of Hypnobirthing Course: £189 per couple

Postnatal Classes:
Thursday - 12th December 2019
Tuesday - 17th December 2019
COST of Postnatal Course: £70 per couple
COST of Postnatal Course and Hypnobirthing: £249 per couple

January/February 2020 Group Class

Hypnobirthing Classes:
Tuesday - 14th January 2020
Tuesday - 21st January 2020
Tuesday - 28th January 2020
Tuesday - 4th February 2020
COST of Hypnobirthing Course: £199 per couple

Postnatal Classes:
Thursday - 6th February 2020
Tuesday - 11th February 2020
COST of Postnatal Course: £70 per couple
COST of Postnatal Course and Hypnobirthing: £259 per couple

March Group Class

Hypnobirthing Classes:

Wednesday - 4th March 2019
Tuesday - 10th March 2019
Thursday - 17th March 2019
Tuesday - 24th March 2019
COST of Hypnobirthing Course: £199 per couple

Postnatal Classes:
No postnatal classes. Please enquire for private dates or attend a different group postnatal session.

April/May 2020 Group Class

TBC - please email for details.

June Group 2020 Group Class

TBC - Email me for more information

Every couple who attends the hypnobirthing course will receive the following to support them on their birthing journey:

  1. 4 x 2.5 hour (10 hours in total) course to give you full antenatal preparation and hypnobirthing training - no shortcuts.
  2. 8 MP3 relaxations to use during pregnancy and at the birth
  3. A file of course notes to support the course
  4. The Hypnobirthing Book written by Katharine Graves to support the course
  5. Email and phone support from your teacher until your birth
  6. Exclusive membership of 'WondrousBirth Hypnobirthing Hub' on Facebook with all past and present attendees which provides parents with a wealth of knowledge and experience before and after the birth.
  7. Hot drinks and biscuits and/or fruit are provided during each session.

You will receive some MP3s via email upon receipt of the deposit (£100) so that you can start listening to them right away. The rest will follow during the course.

WondrousBirth Postnatal Course:

As you prepare for your birth, the enormity of looking after a baby dawns on you. If you are looking for a course to prepare you for those early days, then these 2 x 2 hour postnatal sessions will give you an excellent start:

Session 1:
Feeding, changing, clothing and bathing
What should be in your baby's nappy
Sleep expectations
Safe co-sleeping
Safe sleep guidelines
Baby wearing

Session 2:

Over 80% of UK mums attempt to breastfeed but very few continue to do so. The main reason is due to massive pressure followed by poor support and inaccurate expectations.

In addition to the course, I will provide free online and phone support to attendees who wish to have it and I can do home visits at a small fee depending on distance or they can visit me. Should I be unsure, I will signpost the mums to the relevant professional.

My support is in no way medical but an added helping hand from a mother who has breastfed for 8 years and worked as a postnatal doula supporting other mothers and friends to breastfeed and signposting them to professionals where needed.

Preparing to feed after birth

Hunger signs
Breastfeeding positions
Nursing in public
Dad's support and involvement
Pumping and returning to work
Trouble Shooting

If you are looking for more postnatal support from a certified postnatal doula, you can visit my postnatal doula website for more information:

Group classes are cosy and welcoming

Where you and your birth partner can learn the tools for Hypnobirthing for a more calm, comfortable birth of your baby.

Not sure but would like to know more? What about a taster session?

If you would like to find out more about what hypnobirthing classes involve, you could try an online taster session via skype. They are just £10 for the hour and the money will come off any course you book.

When should I book my class?

The more you practise, the more effective it will be.


That's why booking your classes as early as possible is beneficial. Most people book after their 20 week scan and before 32 weeks as the pressure to get things done increases. 


Some people book just 2 weeks before their due date and still report seeing the benefits of the antenatal preparation and found the tools useful to enhance relaxation.


So the choice is yours.

WondrousBirth Classes

Group Classes

with Wendy

Private Classes

with Wendy

Host a group class

from your home

Taster Sessions


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