I'm dotty about birth...

but more than that, I am passionate about the way women GIVE birth. The way we birth, the way we are supported and the way we are made to feel...those feelings and memories will stay with us for a lifetime.


I teach antenatal classes using the Katharine Graves (KGH) Method which is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives. Teaching mums how to have a more comfortable and relaxing birth experience which benefits mum, dad and baby. This means that this is one of the most rewarding jobs ever and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive!


I teach group classes in Cowplain, Hampshire, as well as private one-to-one classes up to 20 miles away.


I am a recognised Birth Doula and I draw on a very broad range of skills, experience and knowledge whilst supporting mums and dads on the their hypnobirthing journey. I ave also secured a spot on a midwifery degree course to train to be a midwife from September 2020.


Hypnobirthing is a state of mind and a state of being in which you would hopefully achieve the birth you are hoping for. People always assume that you are looking for a natural unmedicated birth when you use hypnobirthing but that is not actually true. I will support you whatever your birth choices are, natural, medicated, induction or c-section, a calm and relaxed birth with positive parents benefits a mother no matter how she plans on birthing. There are no preconceived ideas about how your birth should be, I believe it is your baby, your birth, your choice.


Lastly, I am involved in our local community's Positive Birth Group which is a place for ALL pregnant women - regardless of their background, experience or choices - to come together and share experiences, thoughts, feelings and insight about childbirth. 


We hope you find everything you need on the website but sometimes it is nice to have that chat with the people themselves, so we invite you to call us if you like. 


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