Feedback From Our Hypnobirthing Couples:

"Thank you Wendy for all your time spent with us and your wonderful words of
wisdom and tips and tricks it made what could have a scary experience so calm and positive! 

I have been singing your praises to all, particularly to those of my friends who are expecting or trying to conceive! 
All my love
Maria and Jason

To be calmly excited about the birth rather than fearful, and to trust that my body is able to birth my baby safely just as it did the first time. It also helps James feel he has a vital role and what he can do when I’m in the zone, what his responsibilities are. =!

"Embarking on a hypnobirthing course with Erika totally changed my mindset about birth. At the start, I was very fearful and anxious, but by the end of the course, I felt confident, positive and excited about giving birth.

After a 16 hour labour, with no pain relief other than gas & air, our beautiful daughter was born with the help of a suction cup in the final stages. The hypnobirthing techniques that we had learnt kept me totally calm throughout & certainly gave me the positive mindset I needed to keep going.

I can’t recommend Erika highly enough. She is a fabulously warm and friendly person and the hypnobirthing information and techniques she teaches enabled me to have the positive birth experience that I wanted, despite my labour not going exactly to plan."
Kirsty Cornell

(Hypnobirthing taught me to)..."be calmly excited about the birth rather than fearful, and to trust that my body is able to birth my baby safely just as it did the first time. It also helps James feel he has a vital role and what he can do when I’m in the zone, what his responsibilities are. "

Collette Collins

"Erika, I'm so glad I met you and booked this course with you.  It helped me in so many different ways.  Birth was the one thing I feared most in my life; I now look at it as the most amazing experience a women can go through, the whole thing is just a miracle!


We just wanted to say a huge 'Thank You' for all your help and support with our hypnobirthing classes and techniques which we found to be invaluable during the labour and birth of our beautiful daughter S, who arrived on Christmas morning!

I managed to get through labour using the breathing techniques mostly and all of the useful tips learnt in classes.  I only used gas & air for the last hour or so, and everything went as planned in the Mulberry Centre at Frimley Park......."
P & V Sharma

"Wendy's hypnobirthing course made me feel excited and welcome my labour when it arrived instead of feeling scared. My husband and I both found it extremely beneficial before and through labour and even though I had complications hypnobirthing helped me have a quick labour because I was relaxed. I will definitely do a refresher before giving birth again."

Angela Silvey 

"K W was born after a 3 day labour and is welcomed to the world.
I couldn't have my water birth or monitor free experience I was hoping for in the Mulberry suite, but what I did have was some intervention due to meconium.   
I had a pain relief free birthing experience (not even gas and air), which was a slog! But managed it so thank you for all your help.
I couldn't have done it without your classes."

A Hogan

"My husband and I did a one to one Hypnobirthing course with Erika and I cannot reecommend her enough.  The class was extremely informative and helped us prepare for the birth of our baby as well as feel more relaxed throughout pregnancy.

Thank you Erika!"

A Fullbrook

"I can't recommend Wendy's hypnobirthing classes highly enough. It completely changed the way I saw my labour. I was calm and relaxed and positive and slept well throughout my pregnancy. And ended up having my perfect labour! It's not at all hippy-ish or just hypnosis as people imagine. Although the partners tend to be more skeptical, they are always converted because it helps them find their role in the labour and understand what is happening when and how to best support their partner. Give it a try, you won't regret it!"

Kate Maloney

"Overall we found the course really useful, and your teaching style and ability to come into our home and make us feel comfortable with something new and different, and quite personal, was great.
Bringing us a lemon cake on the second session after we had our hospital stay was a really lovely thought (and the cake was absolutely delicious!)
I felt there were lots of practical ideas throughout our discussions that helped with lots of different things, e.g. Birth plan, ideas for time in early labour (not that we needed those!), ideas for hospital bag, journey to hospital.
It obviously worked for us. The fact he arrived one day after his due date I feel was because I felt calm and ready for him, having listened to the scripts so frequently. We practised quite a lot and I am sure this helped. 
I felt there were lots of ways for partners to get involved. A is quite quiet and you were able to bring him into discussions, it helped that he was up for taking on his role as birth partner, but again the practical, real solutions made it easy for him to think about his role, e.g. Practising massage techniques, the focus on language and use of words."
A Robins 

"Wendy, just wanted to say a huge thank you from Peet and myself for your help and support with the hypnobirthing....(more in the Birth Story Section) I think it really made it such a positive experience, filled with calmness and control. And that's real evident in how serene and alert Margot is!" ...(Peet) "said he found the hypnobirthing course made him feel like he could really practically help someone in labour - and he was an amazing support for me during the whole thing as a result."
Peet and Becci Denny

"I didn’t have anyone to talk to about my worries and at the same time support me

in my choice of a home birth, but Erika answered all my questions and put my mind at rest. Thank you :) !

After the first session I read the book and I loved it, and the content in the binder was interesting. The course was good and had a nice flow. The relaxation parts were amazing. I think I said to you once that I found your voice more relaxing to listen to than the ones I had online, so maybe you could record some?! ;)

I think the third session opened my eyes to a lot of scenarios that I hadn’t heard of before, which I liked knowing about because then I felt more prepared. (Session 3 is our thorough antenatal session)

We were concerned that too much of the first sessions would be focused on the positive state of mind, which we already believe, but it didn’t.

The course gave M more knowledge about what to expect, our rights, and how to best support me. When our daughter was born most choices went to plan and we had the birth we wanted. I put this down to the hypnobirthing course. I used the audios and breathing techniques to stay calm and M knew step by step what was happening and what I needed to be comfortable and happy.

I also found the printed positive affirmations worked very well for me. I looked at them everyday and would replay them in my head while shopping or walking the dog. Then during the birth!

I would recommend Wondrous Birth."

B Doyle

"Loved the hypnobirthing course with Wendy. It  was terrific for relaxation and focussing my mind especially at stressful helped me focus and get through the surges (contractions)"

Melissa Carolan


A link to her hypnobirth photo gallery:

"We cant thank Erika enough for assisting us in having the positive birth that we were looking for. We were able to experience this together, Owen didn’t just feel like a spare part in the delivery room and I managed to have a natural birth with minimal tearing. We were the only couple in our NCT group that were lucky enough to experience such a positive birth and I really believe this is down to our hypnobirthing preparation. I cant recommend this highly enough, if for nothing else but to feel calmer leading up to the labour. Our son is a very happy and calm little boy and I think this could also be due to the fact that I was so calm in the months leading up to his birth.x" 

SJ and O Thomas

"We would highly recommend the class, I have actually already suggested the course to a couple of friends. I really enjoyed the fact my husband was made to feel an important part of the whole labour process and what he could do during the labour to assist me. I found the class really helped us grow a bond together with the baby, which I had not experienced before this class.

Thank you Wendy for making the course relaxing and enjoyable. I think it is fantastic we are still able to contact you with any concerns up to birth, even though the course has now ended!" 

Harj and Jas Randhawa

"Erika, was a lovely warm person and she provided us with lots of information which was all explained really well.  The information around birth physiology helped me understand how the muscles and the hormones work and therefore allowed me to breath through my waves.  I stayed home until I felt the need to go into hospital and once there I was found to be 8cm dilated:)"

N Tahir 

"We had a water birth with our first and we are now planning a second home birth with our second. I didn't get to do the a Hypnobirthing course the first time around but doing the course has armed me with even more techniques to use when birthing. We really enjoyed the relaxation exercises and it was nice to have a refresher about all the options available when giving birth. We really enjoyed the course and Wendy is very good at explaining the different options and at providing guidance and information."

Ally and Jonathan Mansell-Cook

"Just wanted to let you know that L was born at 22.25 on 2/2/16, weighing 7lb 3oz, after being induced at 39+2 the day before. 
Despite a slow start which saw nothing much happen for the first 24 hours, I had a hugely positive birthing experience, and the total length of labour is recorded on my hospital notes as 41 minutes! I used the hypnobirthing breathing techniques throughout the process, which not only enabled me to stay calm, but also to deliver L with no pain relief apart from two paracetamol :-) I was very much 'in the zone' the whole way through and the midwives were amazed at how in control I was, particularly at the 'pushing' stage, when they said they'd never seen a first time mum with such good breathing techniques. The community midwife today was also amazed at how well I'd done and said the others were all talking about it at their team meeting this morning! 
It's a credit to the work you do Erika, that my labour went as well as it did, so I wanted to say a huge thank you and keep up the good work :-)"
M King

"So sorry for not getting back to you sooner but everything started at the weekend and I gave birth to baby Isabel on Monday at 13:06. We managed to have a successful home birth using the pool although she was much larger than expected so it was a very slow labour - mainly the pushing part ( 4 hours). The hypnobirthing really helped all the way through and I only needed a little gas and air just before transition and despite her being 10lb 9oz I had no tearing. Overall a great experience... 
     Thank you again for all your help Wendy."


Jessica Irving

"Erika is very reassuring and friendly, making all questions easy to ask and discuss perspectives.  The information is given clearly and I particularly liked the section on birh physiology as it was very interesting and understanding this has given me confidence in my body.  The scripts have been helpful in calming my general fears of labour and instilling confidence in the natural process of giving birth. My husband and I found Erika to be helpful and supportive even after the course had finished."

Helen Hawley

"...(hypnobirthing) has given us everything we need in preparation for our birth experience. I would highly recommend."

Jessica and John Irving

"I'm surprised how much calmer I feel about the birth after only 2 weeks of sessions... We are definitely going to make sure we practice as much as possible to ensure the birth is an enjoyable experience for both of us. Thank you for all your advice and information"

Alison and James Duffy

"Hypnobirthing was really valuable and I found the techniques that we learnt to be really helpful in labour. They helped me to achieve a positive mindset for birth, developed my self-belief and helped my husband feel more involved before the birth."

Amy Tisi

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