A Calm, Unplanned Breech Home Birth

We just wanted to share our birth story with you... It's an interesting one!

My story starts at exactly week 38 at the end of the day at work. I'm a teacher and the children had just gone home I felt quite queasy so said to a work colleague I was heading home because I didn't feel 100%. So I headed home but stopped at the shops on the way to buy treats for work as it was my last day the next day. I then went to pick my 3 year old son up from his nanny's house by now it was about 4pm. I had a small bloody show whilst at my mother in laws house but just carried on not saying anything because I knew this didn't necessarily mean I would have the baby on this day. I reached home at about 4.20pm and by now started to feel light tightening. 
My husband was working at Chelsea flower show so wasn't going to be home until about 8.30/ 9pm. I decided to call my sister in law at about 4.30pm as felt slightly uneasy being by myself although I did think it might just be Braxton Hicks. She didn't get the message until 4.50 and called me back I still had a bloody show and the tightening were still quite light but slightly more frequent. She headed to mine but I called her on the way to bring her car just in case (I think I knew the arrival might be coming soon by now). She got to mine about 5.10pm I asked her just to play with my son H and I would potter around the house and be as normal as I could for H. My sister in law told me to call my husband I wasn't sure as didn't want to interrupt him unnecessarily however at 5.30pm I did and he said call him back in an hour to see how I was doing and he would leave then. 
After this we called the midwife I was having surges every 3/4 mins for about 30/40 seconds. She said to call back when they increased. I made my son dinner for about 5.45pm and sorted his bath and bed time during surges with help from my sister in law ( I kept saying I just want H happy in bed and then we'll sort things out.) I called my husband at 6.30pm and he began his journey home. 
My son was in bed at 7.15pm and my sister in law called the midwife again at about 7.25pm with my surges 1/2 minutes apart lasting 50/ 60 seconds whilst on the phone my husband arrived at 7.30pm. The midwife suggested heading to hospital now. I was in my downstairs bathroom from about the time I had put my son to bed. My husband came in to see me then went upstairs to change. During this time my waters broke on the toilet whilst my sister in law was on the phone the midwife said the baby is going to come quick now and to call an ambulance. My sister in law went to tell my husband by whispering from the bottom of the stairs. By the time she got back I had whipped off my clothes and said I was pushing. My husband came at this point we were both very calm throughout. I focused on my breathing my husband focused on the task ahead. He called the ambulance at about 7.40pm and they talked him though what was happening and what to do. He grabbed lots of towels and I was on all fours leaning on my gym ball. The baby began to come- then my husband became confused they were asking if he could see the head, my husband's mum arrived at this moment (to look after my son if we were heading to hospital) she came and had a look and said that's his bum coming out - our baby was breech and we had no idea we had been told it was head down. 
However I remained calm as did my husband I was even shushing the noise around me as I needed to focus on being calm. The person on the phone told my husband I needed to turn over as the baby was breech so they turned me over (out of everything this was probably the most uncomfortable thing- being turned over.) First one arm and one leg came out then the paramedics arrived at 7.50ish they encouraged my husband to continue (I was lying half in my bathroom half in my kitchen). Next another arm and leg came out then his head.  When he arrived at 7.53pm my husband had to put him on me and rub him lots. My husband delivered our breech baby and rubbed life into him- amazing!!!  We then headed to hospital in an ambulance as they need to check whether the baby had pooed inside me. J Goodhew was a healthy weight of 3.5kilos. All was fine at the hospital.
All things considered I really was calm and focused as was my husband this was definitely our successful Hypnobirthing story. No pain relief of any kind. Both of my birth stories are different but both calm and successful I feel so lucky and everyone is astonished at our one in a million story.
Thank you for our top up Hypnobirthing course it reminded us and reinforced all the positives of giving birth and being calm and confident. 
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