Labour Ward Hypnobirth

My daughter’s birth began the night before her due date when my waters broke and I had to go to the hospital to be checked.  The presence of meconium changed my original plan to give birth in the Mulberry Suite, and I was admitted onto the labour ward.

I was hooked up to the Syntocinon drip to make my labour progress quickly and I had to wear a fetal heart monitor as my daughter’s heart rate was regularly dropping when the medication was increased.

However, the midwives were fantastic and totally respected our hypnobirthing preferences and did everything they could to keep me mobile. I was able to listen to the scripts we’d practised and get into the positions that we had learnt on the hypnobirthing course. The lights were low, conversations and noise were kept to a minimum and we were able to create a very relaxed, calm environment.

16 hours after my waters broke, with no pain relief other than gas & air, I gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby girl. She came exactly on her due date and weighed 8lbs 6oz – which was very unexpected! I did need some extra help in the final stages, and she was delivered with the aid of a ventouse, which meant that I had to have a small episiotomy. But, within 90 minutes I was up on my feet and showered, and walked to the maternity ward pushing my baby in her cot.

Giving birth was in no way the scary ordeal that I had imagined prior to the hypnobirthing course. Thanks to Erika and her teachings I felt confident and excited in the run up to labour, and the tools and techniques that we learnt certainly helped me to remain calm and in control throughout. I had total trust in my body and its ability to birth my daughter naturally. We couldn’t plan for the meconium and it did alter my original plans – but it was still an amazingly positive experience, and certainly, something that I will be happy to do again using hypnobirthing.

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