A Wondrous Birth

Just wanted to let you know of the safe and happy arrival of our baby boy F on Sunday. The birth was indeed wondrous and we were very lucky.     

I started getting twinges whilst out for dinner on Saturday night, braxton hicks but I could feel they were different. We started taking note of timings etc, came home, I had a bath then lay down on the sofa and watched a film. I was dozing and we eventually got into bed about 11pm. I continued breathing through contractions throughout the night whilst B slept and I woke him about 5am to ask him to run me a bath. We were in the bathroom for the next hour or so, B reading me scripts, helping me time contractions, keeping me very relaxed. We called the delivery suite and they told me stay with what we were doing if we were happy. I took a couple of paracetamol.
I got out of the bath about 6:30 and lay back on the sofa with B; music on, scripts being read etc. I got to about 8:00 and contractions were getting very intense. I told B I would like to go to the hospital at this point as I felt I maybe needed some gas and air to take the edge off. We arrived at the hospital about 9:20am and I knew things had certainly progressed. We went straight to a room with the pool being run, the midwife examined me but did not tell me details of dilation. I got straight in the pool. B was amazing, held a cool flannel to my head for the next hour and a half, played music, encouraged me through contractions. By the time we got to the hospital the thought of pain relief had disappeared really, I didn't think on it any further - I was just very keen to get in the pool. No pain, just very intense pressure, I totally let my body tell me what to do and it did it brilliantly. F was born at 11:05am, and I delivered the placenta half an hour later without syntometrin. I had minor tearing so had a couple of stitches. 

People keep telling me I'm super woman for going without pain relief... it was hard work don't get me wrong, and very intense, and I am in no rush to do it again anytime soon, but I can honestly say I wasn't in unbearable pain at any point. 
It is a huge testament to your tuition and the time and effort we put in every day to practice. Our midwife was also the most amazing support, absolutely incredible. She did everything as we had described in our birth plan without asking B much at all. B said he really felt like she gave him the space and support he needed to so it was a wonderful experience for him as well. 


Just a huge thank you really!"


N and B  (Names removed for privacy)

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