Gentle Waterbirth for High Risk Mum

I thought I'd let you know how things went with the birth. I had a little girl on 5th February. After 3 boys it was quite a shock but a very nice one.

I tried to practice the hypnobirthing as much as I could before hand and made sure this was part of my birth plan.

I listened to the river dawn music at home once my husband was awake (2am) having been in labour since 9pm.


I felt pretty calm although tired. Once we got to the hospital there was quite a bit of discussion about labour ward Vs midwife led due to my age and other risk factors.

They wanted me to have continuous monitoring too. I
agreed to switch to labour ward if I could have a birth pool and said no to continuous monitoring at that point.

We set up some lovely candles and put on the River Dawn music. I got in the pool at around 12:10.

The midwife who I'd been seeing came to visit me at 12:30 and commented about how calm it was and how present I was. I had my little girl at 1:08pm.

I didn't use any pain relief and I was very glad to have not used gas and air as I really wanted to be more aware.

I lost a fair bit of blood and decided I didn't want to do a natural placenta delivery so I got out to do that after a good while in the pool.

Everyone who came in commented about how calm it was and the midwife who helped me deliver said in my notes about how well I was doing. I found it hard to apply the visualisations that much because things were progressing very quickly but my husband with some prompts helped me to focus and keep calm when I started to loose focus and feel less in control.

We then had the music on for hours afterwards and even now I find it comforting.

We named our daughter Arwen.

Thank you for the help and support to make my last experience of birth
truly wonderful.


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