Mum and Dad work as a team during swift induction

Everything was set for us to have a home birth as we had planned but in the lead up to the "due date" my blood pressure started to creep up ( it had been steadily raising from about 34 weeks) and at 40 weeks and 3 days it reached a dangerously high level (I was at risk of fitting and other complications to me and her) so we went for an induction.

Luckily she was very close to coming so required very little intervention to kick things
off and I was able to put my breathing techniques into play then. As I needed close monitoring we were moved quickly to our own room and that's where things changed slightly, I was put on a drip and had the ecg on which limited my movements and the gas and air made me vomit which panicked me and I lost my focus so had a few diva moments. (flailing and kicking and doubting my abilities)

Jason up to that point had been wonderful but really stepped things up reminding me of my relaxation triggers and did the different massage techniques that you had shown me without being prompted and guided me back into a relaxed state.
It worked so well that I fell asleep between contractions and was so relaxed and calm, so much so the midwife was concerned the contractions had tailed off, but in fact I'd relaxed so much I went from 4cm to 10cm dilated within an hour!

At one point I woke up and said I needed to push ( again the midwife doubted it as I'd been so calm) and my body took over and she arrived within 3 waves of down breathing. So all in all established labour was 2 hours!

Our midwife was wonderful and when the hypno started and I'd calmed down she stepped back and just did verbal checks mainly aimed at Jason who communicated them to me as I seemed to only respond to his voice. The perineal massage also worked very well, I had some labial grazing where she'd arrived so quickly but no tearing!

So in some ways labour wasn't what I'd planned, I was on the labour ward, strapped to an ecg and a drip in the standard sat up position, but thanks to your coaching and the hypno birth techniques it was not a traumatic experience and I was able to deliver a back to back baby with absolutely no pain relief and because of what Jason did it really felt like a intimate special experience for the both of us.

So Guinevere Famie Rebecca Millard was born on Tuesday 24th April weighing 6b 6oz and is just wonderful! She's already put on weight and is 6lb 9oz and is such a relaxed baby! Oddly she calms at night if I hold her and do the deep rhythmic breathing
I did for the hypno.

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