Spontaneous hospital water birth

I was 40+2weeks pregnant. 2am woke up and waters broke, thought we would be able to go back to bed and relax for a while before the contractions got frequent but they were regular straight away, we didn't actually time them at any point but there wasn't much let up!


Spent a long time in the bath and then made a nest in the spare room propped up on pillows on all fours and tried the tens machine which seemed to help alot. Called hospital at 4.30 and forgot to tell them we were hypnobirthing so they said to wait until I was unable to talk through contractions and to call in an hour or so.  We ended up calling at 8.30am, deliberately didn't talk through a contraction and they said to come in. I was dreading getting to hospital which I think is why we held off and we still waited until the traffic would be better so left at 9.15am and arrived at 9.30am (6 contractions in the car!)


The hospital was chocka and we were told to sit down and wait, I spent a long time in the toilet as didn't want to be around people! Finally got assessed (30+ minutes after arriving!) and I was fully dilated, I still was using tens.

Moved to a room and they were still unsure about water birth due to platelets, I almost said I didn't mind not doing it but Nick asked me again and pushed for it a bit more. They said they would get me in the pool and send my bloods off and if needed I would have to get out of the pool (they were worried if I bled they wouldn't be able to asses the blood loss)


It was so good to get in the pool and be able to push, we had our music on and it was calm and quiet with just one midwife most of the time, my platelet level was 130 so they were happy (the dr from the day before even popped up to say hello as she heard them talking about platelet levels of 90 and thought it must be me!) 

Nick said he was amazed that I was smiling between contractions and laughing etc, it was all kind of text book as we had planned and talked about with you! Theo was born at 12.40pm and I was able to catch him and keep him on my chest and find out that we had a little boy!


I did start to bleed afterwards so had to get out of the pool and have a managed 3rd stage and some stitches, they think I lost approx 1 litre of blood so have given me some iron tablets and Nick has been feeding me up!! We stayed in hospital that night and came home the following evening.


Thank You sooooooo much for all your help and extra advice on our journey, we felt confident and informed throughout the whole process.  I don't know how many people can say they had the birth they wanted or that it was an amazing experience but for us (in the end) it really was!


Laura, Nick and Theo

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