Hypnobirthing is not just woo, it's practical and effective.

Hypnobirthing is a learned skill. 


A set of tools and techniques and an approach to birth that allows you to be more relaxed, calm and in control during pregnancy and the birth of your baby, whatever path your birth may take.

Confident Pregnancy

Practise little and often

Be in control of your mind

Massage, positions and continuous support all contribute towards comfort

Small practical steps that make a big difference

For a more calm and comfortable birth no matter what path it takes

How could a hypnobirthing class benefit me?

A complete antenatal class coupled with practical relaxation techniques which remove fear and tension for a more relaxed and comfortable birth.

The Katharine Graves Hypnobirthing (KGH) technique is flexible to meet each couple's needs.


Hypnobirthing will benefit you by showing you and your partner:

  • How to prepare mentally and physically 
  • How to let go of your fears and concerns 
  • Effective breathing techniques 
  • How to trust in yourself, your body and your baby
  • How to use tools/prompts to help enhance your relaxation during labour
  • How birth works - often underestimated, this is a pivotal part of preparation. 

WondrousBirth Classes

Group Classes

with Wendy

Group Classes

with Erika

Private Classes

with Wendy and Erika

Host a group class 

from your home

Can I just read a book or listen to some CD's?

Books serve as an important backup resource to our course. However, there is no substitute for teaching in terms of building confidence, getting partners fully engaged, and making you actually use the techniques you need to have a calm birth.


Humans learn best through experience and practice, which reading rarely translates into. Finally, I believe that some things in life are too important to leave to chance or to try and take shortcuts with, and this is one of those things.

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